The Monobloc Calipers are a new design that ensures reliable braking performance with a significant reduction in weight when compared to the previous versions. The result is an innovative design with geometries conceived to make caliper and pad cooling even more efficient.




  • Front location
  • Calipers machined from a single billet of cast aluminum
  • Lightweight design reduces rotational mass
  • Black finish
  • Improved braking performance with improved heat dissipation and fade resistance
  • Application specific
  • Motorsports derived components and technology
  • High-performance brake pads included
  • Precision milled billet caliper mounting brackets included
  • Stainless steel brake lines included
  • Fully compatible with your factory master cylinder
  • Complete with all necessary hardware and instructions




  • 326x30mm in size
  • 1-piece construction
  • Slots will create an escape path for debris, dust. gases, and water
  • Slots will clean and de-glaze pad surface for optimum pad coefficient of friction
  • Slots improve pad bite and improves air circulation
  • Faster heat dissipation
  • Reduced stopping distances in wet weather



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